Monday, April 5, 2010

MANism Monday & Project 365 (Days 87- 93)

MANism = The funny crazy things my MEN say and do!

I was going thru my pictures in my folder for what I wanted to include in this weeks post and I came across 2 that I meant to include in last weeks post
- So I'm including them now :)

March 21st
March 21st leaf
Gryphyn took this picture of the leaf
- I love the placement of it on his shadow :) HEEE HEEE!

March 27th
Like Father - Like Son!
We were waiting for our dinner to come and Zac was editing pictures
on his phone and Gryphyn was playing games on mine!

March 30th - Day 87
Mom and Dad are getting a new driveway as soon as we have some DRY weather! The city came out and spray painted the yard and sidewalk marking all where all the gas, water, cable lines etc... were - now we have little flags all over the yard :)

Vahn got in trouble and I gave him a spanken.
Gryphyn said "Its good for you to spank him"
M~ "Why?"
G ~ "Cuz I like it when you spank him"
M~ "Why do you like him to get spankens?"
G~ "Because its mean"
M~ "You like me to be mean to him?"
"G~ "Yeah"
M~ "Thats not very nice. I'm not being "mean" I'm disciplining him."

March 31st - Day 88
A few of my favorite things .... "SNOWFLAKES that stick to my nose and EYELASHES"

Day 88-B
A Micro Geocache find!

April 1st - Day 89
No Photo

April 2nd - Day 90
Easter Eggs!

We were dying easter eggs and Vahn got blue on his hands.
I told him... "Oh no, you are turning blue!"
He looked at his hands and said "Me want to be white" then pointed to a clean spot on his hand and said "this color"

90b - Who wants to dye Easter eggs ........

90c - when you can EAT them :)

April 3rd - Day 91
I was eating dinner at Noodles (my new favorite restaurant) and realized I hadn't taken a photo yet - so this is my Passion Fruit Tea - because who can't use some extra Passion in their life ?

April 4th - Day 92
The Men reading books at the grocery store.

We were at church and Mimi was holding Gryphyn - He told her "I like your necklace"
M~ "Thanks! What is it?"
G~ "Its that thing God died on"

After looking for Easter eggs, Nana asked Gryphyn what the Easter Bunnies name was?
G~ "Santa Clause"

Vahn started screaming like he was hurt when I went to see what was wrong / what happened, he said "Gryphyn touched me" (with his cold hands)