Saturday, September 24, 2011

Recent Manisms!

Being a mom of 2 little men brings new adventure every day.
I love seeing the world thru their eyes.

Here is a brief glimpse into that world:

Walking into the kitchen one day I found Woody hanging by his boots

I wonder what he did to be strung up like that?

Almost everything is surrounded by adventure for them.
I love their imagination.
Every day things transform into toys to them.
One of the current favorites is the steamer basket. Most of the time it is a spaceship of some sort but this day, it was a jail for the markers:

Driving somewhere a few weeks ago, there was a fly in the car & when Zac rolled down the window and started trying to wave it out G said
"stinky farts again dad?"

Vahn very much has his own sense of style right now. Some days its hard not to laugh when he insists on doing his own hair or picking out his own clothes.

"Mom do you like my hair?"

"I picked out all Red today Mom!"

We were at Home Depot & after several times telling the men to stop touching things & this is not a place to play - G said:
"it's NOT home depot it's play land"

"Dad do polices come when people break the law commandments?" G

"Dad do you know that Jesus is God? I knew that when I learned to ride a two wheeler" -V

Less than a month ago Vahn taught himself how to ride a 2 wheeler bike and he hasn't slowed down since.
Zac has been taking the Men to the skate park during the days while I"m at school and Vahn has NO fear.

Today, while out riding our bikes, Zac went down some stairs. Vahn thinking nothing of it followed him. When I asked Vahn if he went down the stairs he said "yeah it was scary!" "Did you know they were there?" "no" "are you going to do it again?" "I want to go down bigger ones!"

Gryphyn on the other hand approaches life with a bit more caution
- especially when it comes to eating vegetables

Gryphyn is creative and likes to figure out things work. I started homeschooling him this year and I really enjoy watching him learn. He amazes me with some of his answers.