Tuesday, February 23, 2010

MANism Monday & Project 365 (days 46-52)

Feb 16th small
Feb 16th - Day 46
Scissors - I gave Vahn a hair cut today -( G a few days ago.)

Vahn & I were leaving the grocery store and he pointed to the store name and said:
"That spells FUN!"

Feb 17th small
Feb 17th - Day 47
Just finished my math homework - I'm actually really enjoying my math class Shhh don't tell anyone! :)

Gryphyn was in his room watching tv while I did my homework and he came out saying "Mom come quick - I need you to call this number" So I go up to see what he is talking about and he had paused the tv at a commercial for some little remote control truck thing - I replayed the commercial and it says to call the number to order.

Feb 18th small
Feb 18th - Day 48
Mommy take a picture of my candy!

Feb 18b small
Feb 18b - Candy

On the way to school Gryphyn said:
"When I get real big, I can make real BIG BIG trees and smoosh them in the ground and bury they like dead people."

Vahn: "Clouds live in the sky"

Feb 19th small
Feb 19th - Day 49
The Men in their "grounded" shirts. Nana bought them a few months ago but wanted a picture of them together in them before them were messed up so they have been hanging in my room forever!

Feb 20th small
Feb 20th - Day 50
Gryphyns new Lego's - He loves to build Legos so I got him this set today when we were at Toys R Us looking for a birthday card for his cousin Skyler

We were at lunch with friends and I look over and G had his shirt up and he was talking to the girl next to him. I asked him what he was doing and he said:
"Showing her where God lives" He was pointing to his belly button!

Nana told Gryphyn not to sit on the table and he said:
"Its a good place to sit!"

Feb 21st small
Feb 21st - day 51
Mandy and I went shopping - YEA! I saw this shirt (I didn't buy it) but it made me laugh so I had to take a picture of it!

Feb 22nd - Day 52
Mom and I went to the Dollar show to see "Leap Year"

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

MANism Monday & Project 365 (days 39-45)

Shhh - I know this post is late! Just pretend that I'm in a different time zone! Technically, its only 1 hour late! YAWN - NOW I can go to bed!

Nana - sent me this one:
I heard V "let one" in his car seat.
I said - Vahn, did you make a "toot"?
He said - No I burped.
I said - What?
He says - My bum burped.
[this kid!! haha]

G ~ I don't like you calling me "G" anymore
M ~ What do you want me to call you?
G ~ Danger!

M~ Gryphyn do you want to finish my homework for me?
G ~ No
M ~ Why not?
G ~ Cuz its too boring!

Feb 9th small
Feb 9th - Day 39
One of the over 700 photos I have taken so for for a job I'm doing.

We were out shopping with Nana and she told Vahn,
"Lets unzip your jacket a little bit cuz your a little hot"
Vahn took it all the way off and said
"I'm a lot hot"

While driving in the car, Gryphyn randomly said:
"Nana when I get big I'm going to have LOTS of money and I'm going to buy you groceries"

Gryphyn was dancing around while I was making him dinner and he said:
"Mom I have lots of dance moves! I always have lots of cool dance moves"

Feb 10th small
Feb 10th - Day 40
Gryphyn found this giant bear in Walmart - we had to take a photo of him with it :)

Feb 10b small
Runner 40b
You can't take one of G and not one of V!

Gryphyn was going "potty" and he looks down and says - Look mom my poop looks like a triceratops!"

I was using the toilet brush to clean the toilet and G said:
"Can I do that when I get big?"
"You can do it NOW - go right ahead!"

I was putting Vahn to bed and he said:
"I need a drink of water"
"You can have a little sip so so stay dry all night"
"NO, I need a big one, It makes me happy!"

Feb 11th small
Feb 11th - Day 41
I got my 2nd math test back today with a score of 104 (with extra credit)
I wish this photo wasn't so blurry but my phone doesn't focus well so its the best I got :(
I think a new pocket size camera is in my future!

I was half awake when Vahn asked me for breakfast:
"Mommy me hungry, Me want the darbow"
"Dar - bow?"
I finally figured out that he wanted the Star bowl!

Gryphyn - "Daddy we are going to the park today"
"The park?"
"No its too cloudy it might rain. We are going to go swimming at the gym"

Feb 12th small
Feb 12th - Day 42
Gryphyn and I made cookies today - YUM!

Feb 13th small
Feb 13th - Day 43
We went to a dog b-day party and we were the last to leave so we got to take home all the balloons!

Gryphyn was mad at Vahn and said:
"Vahn when I grow up I'm going to buy you real dinosaurs that will scare you away and you will go all the way up to space forever!"

Feb 14th small
Feb 14th - Day 44
Gryphyn laying on the floor at Mimi & Johns playing with his "collection" - AKA Johns toys from when he was little.

Gryphyn was whining and complaining about me cutting his hair - he kept saying that it hurt when I cut his hair. Then he looked in the mirror and said "its perfect like that" when I was in the middle of cutting it.

Feb 15th - Day 45
Gryphyn went shopping with me while Vahn was taking a nap so I let him use my "little" umbrella - He loved it and kept saying it was HIS!

Monday, February 8, 2010

MANism Monday & Project 365 (days 32-38)

Feb 1 small
Feb 1st - Day 32
Playing with angles at the park while the men played.

Feb 1b small
Runner up - 32b
Gryphyn playing with his light saber (making light saber sounds)

Feb 2 small
Feb 2nd - Day 33
After putting Gryphyn back in his bed once, he came back in our room, I told him that he couldn't sleep in our bed and to go sleep on the couch if he didn't want to sleep in his own bed. This is how I found him in the morning.

Feb 3 small
Feb 3rd - Day 34
Happy Birthday to Zac

Zac took Gryphyn with him to pick up a Red Box movie and Vahn stayed home to help me make dinner. Zac told me later that Gryphyn was complaining that "he" wanted to make dinner too. Zac explained to him, that he got to go with Daddy and Vahn was helping Mommy. So Gryphyn says:
"Oh so we get to get a movie while Vahn and Mommy make dinner and Then we can ride a horse!"

Feb 4 small
Feb 4th - Day 35
A few minutes to midnight, I told Zac I forgot to take my photo today - I need to take a picture of something. He suggested the clock and I got this

Feb 4b small
Runner up - 35b
Zac took a turn and captured this photo in the exact moment that the clock changed to 12:00

Feb 5 small
Feb 5th - Day 36
I found this guy on the floor in the morning, left over from last nights play. It made me smile. A lego guy in a truck is VERY little Manish!

Gryphyn asked me to make him a new paper airplane. I told him " we already have LOTS of paper airplanes, go find one of those"
G~ "No, they are all mushy"
G~ "Yes mushy - they look like an old man"

Feb 6 small
Feb 6th - Day 37
It was cold and drizzly so we stopped at McDonald's so the Men could play and I could work on my homework. On the way in Gryphyn saw this rock and said "Hey Mom, take my picture on this rock!"

Gryphyn~ "Mom I told them (the neighbors) that these horns (the ears on his batman mask) shoot out batabans. Do you know what Batabans are?"
"Nope what are they?"
"They are made out of trees and cars and bikes AND dogs"

Vahn was eating teddy graham, when I stole one, he said
"Me not happy you help me eat my crackers!"

Runner up - Day 37
My poor broken phone :(
Vahn was drawing on the Sketches app on my iphone while we were driving to the gym. When we got out, he wanted to run after Gryphyn and I said "let me hold the phone while you run so you don't fall and break it" To which he replied "NO" and took of running. And what happens.... YEP he fell and broke my phone!

When Nana got up this morning Vahn said
"Nana you wake up? Me miss you all night!"

Feb 7 small
Feb 7th - Day 38
We stopped at the mall on the way to church to get screen protector for my phone. We rarely go to the mall so we were surprised that they didn't open until 12:00. So we let the Men run around for a bit and they found this shopping cart to play on.

Vahn started crying and said that Gryphyn spit on him.
M~ "Gryphyn, Did you "SPIT" on Vahn?"
G~ "Yes"
M~ "Why would you do that?"
G~"Because, I didn't want the spit in my mouth anymore!"

Feb 8 small
Feb 8th - Day 39
Morning sun hitting the flowers on the counter

I was updating my status on FaceBook and Vahn said:
"You missing two letters" the funny part is I reread it to see what was missing!

Monday, February 1, 2010

MANism Monday & Project 365 (Days 21-31)

This past week, everyone has been sick - it was NOT a fun week.
I am so glad that everyone is feeling better now!
Most of the week was spent indoors in our pjs (as you will see in the photos)

I was combing the tangles out of Gryphyns hair and he said....
"Oww Oww - that's not very good Mom!"

Vahn was playing with Zac's phone and then we couldn't find it so Zac sent the men on a hunt for it saying "whoever finds it first gets a cookie" Well, I ended up being the first to find it which brought both Men to tears because they wanted to find it and get a cookie. So we gave everyone a cookie for their efforts. However G took one bite and said "mom can I save this for later" and V said "no thanks" HONESTLY! - You know your kids are sick when they turn down cookies!

G~ "Mom I want you to text Valerie"
M~ "You do? What do you want me to tell her?"
G~ "That I love you"
M~ "That you love ME or that you love HER?"
G~ "That I love her and I miss her"
Then I heard him go upstairs and tell Zac "Dad, I really miss Valerie" :(

G~ "Mom I went to the dream place last night"
M~ "You did?"
G~"uhh huu there were knights there"

I sat down on the couch and G's feet were in the way (so I sat on them) and G said...
"Move your butt mom!"
M~ Excuse me?
G~ "Can you please move mom"

Vahn brought me a Transformers book and wanted me to read it to him - Its really long and he loses interest in it so I told him NO. Which put us into this YES / NO argument.
V~ "please mommy i want you to read it"
M~ "too bad, I don't want to read it right now"
V~ "NOT too bad!"

Vahn would NOT be quiet. He kept yelling and being loud. After several times of telling him to use an inside voice, I picked him up and set him down out side the front door and closed the door. He stood there crying and rang the door bell - it was too funny!

Zac was playing with Gryphyn and threw him on the bed. G landed on a toy and got mad. He told Zac...
"You're being naughty Daddy!"

We were sitting in McDonalds eating and G was looking at the paintings on the wall - (they were of the original McD's characters) I asked him if he knew who the Fry Guys were and then made some comment to Zac about what is the world coming to? Kids don't even know who the Fry Guys are! To which G replied...
"Oh, I know who they are - they are like those things that roll around in the desert with cowboys and horses and cactus!"

Jan 21st - Day 21
Me at the gym - I need a picture of the day and it was a good excuse to take a break :)

22 small
Jan 22nd - Day 22
We went to go see "The Tooth Fairy" and when we came out there was a snow everywhere - I tried to take a picture with my phone but it wouldn't focus very well - this is the best one I got

22b small
Runner Up - 22b
Mom trying to stay warm while I take pictures.

23 small
Jan 23rd - Day 23
Gryphyn standing by the door - I can't believe how BIG he looks in this photo - he sure isn't my little baby anymore :(

23b small
Runner up - 23b
I found this cool phone cover at Borders Book store - If it didn't cost $15 I would have bought it for my phone!

24 small
Jan 24th - Day 24
Poor little sick Vahn - he was watching tv when I snapped this photo.

24b small
Runner Up - 24b
All that is left of our snowmen!

25 small
Jan 25th - Day 25
Vahn playing "World of Goo" on my laptop.

26 small
Jan 26th - Day 26
Vahn - "Don't take my picture mommy" - he is convinced that if he squeezes his eyes shut then I can't see him!

27 small
Jan 27th - Day 27
Gryphyn playing his new game I got him - After a week of being locked in the house, we were in desperate need of new games and puzzles so I picked up a few at a consignment store. They love this one with the rescue vehicles.

28 small
Jan 28th - Day 28
Crayons - oh what a mess they can make when they find their way on the table instead of the paper!

29 small
Jan 29th - Day 29
Me on my LAST day of HER2 treatment. Woo Hoo!
Mandy came to visit me and took this picture of me!

30 small
Jan 30th - Day 30
Zac and the Men playing at the park.

Jan 31st - Day 31
Early birthday celebration lunch for Zac at Red Lobster (Gryphyn took this photo)