Monday, January 25, 2010

MANism Monday

Vahn woke up and came down stairs. Then made a beeline for the box of chocolates on the counter and asked....
V~ "Me have one of these mommy?"
M~ "Ummm NO!"
V~ "Okay, Me have corn?"
M~ "For breakfast? ummm k Sure!"

Gryphyn ~ "Mom I don't like my chair, its crazy"

24jan blog photoshoot

We were driving to school and Gryphyn said...
G~"Mom I'm going to have a dog and name it Penny & a cat and name it ..... ummm TreeHonk!"
M~"Okay ... Treehonk huh?"
G~"Yep Treehonk Car!"
M~"What color is Treehonk going to be?"
G~"Black and White and Yellow .... and PURPLE"

The neighbors dog (Penny) was in the street when we were leaving and I told the men "I almost hit Penny she was in street"
G~ "He was in the street?"
M~"No, SHE was in the street. Penny is a girl so you say SHE"
V~ "Penny isn't a girl, Her's a DOG"

V~ "I want to throw things at Daddy when he gets home"
M~ Why? It's not nice to throw things at people"
V~ "Daddy's NOT people!"
M~ "He's not? What is he?"
V~ "Zac"

24jan blog

I told Gryphyn that I didn't really like dark chocolate and he said...
G~ "Mom you know what I'm going to get you for your birthday?"
M~ "Nope, What?"
G~ " A whole box of bright chocolate"
M~ " White chocolate?"
G~ " NO - BRIGHT chocolate, because you don't like dark."

The Men like to make shapes out of their food. They take a bite and then ask, "what does this look like?" This morning, Vahn was eating a blueberry waffle and he asked G what it looked like.....
V~ "What this look like?"
G~ "umm - light bulbs falling on your head"
V~ BITE "What this look like now?"
G~ "A blueberry tree"
V~ BITE "What this look like now?"
G~ "You"


It was really windy out side and Vahn's hat blew off. He said...
"It's winding my hat!"

We were driving in the car and Gryphyn said...
"Mommy when I get big I'm going to build a jet pack to fly way up in the sky where God lives"
M~ "Oh yeah, what are you going to do there?"
G~ "See what God does up there all day!"

Gryphyn ~ "Nana, I love you when you don't go to work"

I was giving Gryphyn a bath and he was complaining that my hands were cold
G~"Your cold hands are making the water cold!"


Friday, January 22, 2010

Project 365 - Days 12 - 20

For those of you who follow my blog and who have been anxiously awaiting this weeks pictures, I promise I didn't forget this weeks post. Since I started school, my time on line is limited and our internet has been deciding NOT to work during the times that I am free to get on-line! Grrrrr!

Then, I took one of this weeks photos on Zac's camera and then couldn't find it in his stuff so, I had to wait him to send it to me. (not doing that again)

Okay, enough excuses, Here are this week's photos!

12 small
Jan 12th - Photo 12
Gryphyn and his new car creation

12b small
Photo 12b
(hey its my blog I can have more than 1 if I want) :)
Gryphyn asked me to take this of his new "future cars". It was going to be my photo of the day, but I loved the first one of him showing it to me so much, that I decided to add them both.

13 small
Jan 13th - Photo 13
Gryphyn outside of his new school.
He actually started on the 12th but so did I, so we didn't get "first day" pictures!
I love how he has a proud look on his face and yet he still has to hold his "baby" blanket! You think I will be able to get him to leave his blankie at home for his first day of high school?

14 small
Jan 14th - Photo 14
Vahn was so upset that he couldn't stay at school with Gryphyn
(he didn't come with us on the first day)
He must have cried for about 30min and kept asking for Gryphy to stay :(
I had to do some running around after we dropped off G & one stop was the bank - While we were there, they gave Vahn this piggy bank.
He LOVED it & wouldn't put it down the rest of the day.
Here is piggy playing at the park where we stopped just before picking up Gryphyn.

15 small
Jan 15th - Day 15
Vahn had just woke up from his nap and had CRAZY bed head.
I have to admit that I love it when they look like little boys (a crazy, dirty mess) Although, I would never take them out looking like that, it makes me smile and its an image of them that I want to keep forever!
I wish that I had got his whole face in this photo but he had literly, just got up from bed and was headed toward me for his few minutes of cuddle time and he wouldn't let me put him down and take another photo - but thats how life goes with kids - you gotta take what you get.

16 small
Jan 16th - Photo 16
We were going take the Men out to a park or something & take some photos today but Vahn took a long nap. By the time he woke up, the light was starting to fade, so we headed outside for a few minutes of soccer and a short bike ride. It was really cold and we were about to head in when the Men decided to take off down the street on their bikes (further than they are allowed to go). So Zac had to go after them.
I took this photo as they were headed back to the house. I love how the Men are rushing back and Zac looks upset about having to go after them.

17 small
Jan 17th - Photo 17
When did my baby get so BIG?
I went in to check on the Men before I went to bed and this angle of Gryphyn with one long leg stretched out made him look SO big in his bed.
He won't use any other blanket other than his "soft blue blankie" (I made it for him shortly after he was born) so I have to wait until he is asleep and then go in and cover him up with a bigger blanket.

18 small
Jan 18th - Day 18
It was Martin Luther King Day and Zac was off work - so we all went to the Dinosaur Museum. The Men loved playing at the Erosion table. What little boy wouldn't have a ball burying dinosaurs in the sand and then making the water rush over them!

19 small
Jan 19th - Day 19
Gryphyn taking a bath.
If I sit at the kitchen table downstairs, this is the view I have through the railing and into the bathroom.

20 small
Jan 20th - Day 20
Gryphyn swinging at the park.

Monday, January 18, 2010

MANism Monday

Gryphyn was mad a Vahn and his big threat if Vahn didn't leave him alone????
"I'm going to mess up your hair"

I was sorting laundry and Vahn saw his penguin jammies (he got them for Christmas & wants to wear them every night)
"These my penguin jammies? I miss them all night!"

Gryphyn started preschool today and when we dropped him off, the kids were just sitting down to snack. His teacher asked if he wanted to join them and Gryphyn said "No thanks - I don't need any energy!"

Gryphyn outside of his new school

G ~ Mommy I'm not very happy with you!
M ~ Why?
G ~ Cuz you made me carry my blanket in (from the car)
M ~ Thats ok, you can be mad at me.

G ~ "Mom why don't penguins have hands?"
M ~ "Because God didn't give them any when he made them"
G ~ "But they need them, cuz if they have kids and the kids have lots of toys how are they going to put them away?"

G ~ "Mom, Papa is making me SO Sad!"
M ~ " Why"
G ~ "Cuz he is watching a grown up show and "I" want to watch t.v.!"

G ~ "Mommy when I grow up I'm going to marry you!"

Vahn ~ "Me have an owie"
Nana ~ "I" "have an owie"
Vahn ~ "I have an owie , me okay!"

We had dinner at Golden Corral and there was a guy making things out of balloons - here is Vahn anticipating his turn! (he got a fishing pole with a fish on the end and G got a hat and then went back and asked for a green sword)

You guys are crazy - can I have some of your energy?
G ~ NO Mommy, You have to get your own!

I was reprimanding Gryphyn yet again and Vahn looks over at him and says... "Just say Yes Ma'am, Gryphyn!"

G~ "Daddy you can't eat things when they fall on the sidewalk because they have yucky, tiny germs on them - thats why I like sticks!"

G~ "Daddy you always get me the good stuff all the time. Thats why I love you all the time!"

Vahn was sick and had to stay home from church and he was trying to ask me if the reason he was throwing up was because he was little. It took quite awhile to figure out what he was saying. I got about one or two words per sentence - so I repeat back what I thought he says and he looks at me frustrated and says....
V~ Mommy you know what me talking about?
M~ No not really - sorry honey!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Project 365 - Days 6-11

6 small
January 6th - Day 6
Me trying to pick up the wireless signal on the lap top. Most of the time, it works great but occasionally, you have to search high and low for the signal. (Gryphyn took this picture)

7 small
January 7th - Day 7
The American flag flying outside of the gym. The men just recently learned what an "American" flag is and love it when it is blowing in the wind!

8 small
January 8th - Day 8
Gryphyn and Mommy - Vahn took this photo of us. I love how G is making faces instead of smiling - it is VERY Gryphyn!

9 small
January 9th - Day 9
Family day! The men went swimming at the gym while I was working out and then we went to Applebys for lunch - The Men fell asleep on the way home so Zac and I took advantage of the quiet and napped as well. When we woke up, Zac went and got some movies from Red Box. Here we are all sitting on the couch waiting for our movie (Night at the Museum 2) to start.

January 10th - Day 10
Our poor snow man! This is the one that was peed on (bottom right) and NOW, he is standing right where the sun shines so half of him as melted away!

January 11th - Day 11
Gryphyn had a drs appt for a preschool check up - so on the way there, we stopped at McDonalds for his favorite - Chicken & Fries!

Monday, January 11, 2010

MANism Monday

Vahn playing games on my iphone - I'm pretty sure he can use it better than I can!

MANism #01032010
When Vahn got out of the bath his fingers were all wrinkled and he looked at them and said "I have old fingers!"

MANism #01042010
Gryphyn- "Mom you better see this, its very awesome" (he was rolling a ball down slide on one of his toys)

MANism #01042010 -2
Zac was in the shower and Gryphyn banged on the door and yelled "Daddy be quiet , Papa is sleeping" (the bathroom door is right next door to Papas room)

MANism #01042010-3
Gryphyn "When I get big like you daddy, I'm going to like beer!"

MANism #01052010
Gryphyn to Vahn ....
"Aaack doesn't mean words - what are you trying to say Vahn?"

MANism #01052010-2
Gryphyn what do you want to be when you grow up?
"ummmm............. A Jedi Knight!"

G~ "why do we have to go to the gym all the time?"
M~ "because mommy wants to get in shape and not be so fat so that I have more energy and can play with you more"
G~ "I want you to be fat Mommy - cuz I just want to play with Daddy"

MANism #01082010-2
G~ "What do big cranes do?"
M~ "They move heavy things and help build tall things"
G~ "Maybe they are building a really big playground!"


MANism #01092010
Zac was crawling around on the floor playing with Vahn and Vahn wanted him to turn on the tv. Zac reached for the remote (on top of the shelf) and said "ohhh I can't reach it"
Vahn replied, "Stand on your feet Daddy"

We were talking to Gryphyn about how his name ended with the letter N and told Vahn that his name did too - after spelling Gryphyns name with him, we spelled out Vahn's name with him repeating each letter after us:
Me~" V " Vahn~ "V"
Me~"A" Vahn~"A"
Me~"H" Vahn~"H"
Me~"N" Vahn~"N - Gryphyn"


MANism #01092010-3
The whole family took a nap and when Vahn woke up he crawled into our bed with us. Thinking it was night time,and he couldn't get up, he was tossing and turning - I whispered to him "what's wrong?" and he loudly replied "WHAT" - he was super exited that he was able to get up and hopped down said "Me have an idea" and ran out the door when he came back in, he had a drum.
Going into his room to get it, had woke up Gryphyn who yelled "NO" when Vahn left the room again. Gryphyn is very anti nap and was quite upset that he had been asleep!

MANism #01092010-4
Vahn found $5 on the table, he held it up excited and said "a lucky ticket!"

MANism # 01102010
Gryphyn " Mommy I want to go see the Chick-munk movie"

Gryphyn was trying to explain to Zac that he had a "can" of orange juice and said "It was like a diet coke"


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Project 365 - Week 1

In all my recent blog stalking, I have come across several mentions of the concept of Project 365 - of course NOW I can't find any of them to reference or quote so I'm on my own. Thats okay - this will be MY version of it anyway.

So, my understanding of Project 365 is that you take at least 1 picture each day. Then compile those photos into a memory of the past year.

I am pretty good about photographing the BIG events in our lives but we tend to forget all the little day to day things. All the moments that pass too quickly and you wish you could remember.

So that is my goal for this project to notice the little things. To be able to look back next year and see what was really important. The have a memory of the expressions and crazy things my men do.

So with out further ado, here are the first 5 photos of 2010!

Jan 1st - photo #1
The Pirate snowman that Gryphyn and I built

Jan 2nd - photo #2
Vahn cuddling after his nap - someday he won't nap anymore and snuggling up on Mommys lap will be the LAST thing he wants to do.

Jan 3rd - photo #3
Vahn playing a game while we wait for a table at Ruby River for lunch after church
(this one was taken with my phone and there for not the best - but the best one I got that day)

Jan 4th - photo #4
Mandy, Mom & I went out for dinner and then to see the Sherlock Holmes movie. I saw this Chipmunk display as we were headed to buy our tickets and remembered I hadn't taken a photo yet (hey I"m still new to this concept) So I had Mom take a few of Mandy and I

Jan 5th - photo #5
Gryphyn & Daddy - Not many people get to see this side of Gryphyn - we try to post the smiling happy photos of him. But this photo is VERY MUCH Gryphyn.
He had wet his pants and threw a huge fit about cleaning up, taking, a bath etc.... I had had it with the whining and sent him to bed. When Daddy came home a few minutes later, I let him get up and say Hi to Daddy. In this photo, they were talking about the choices Gryphyn had made. I love his expression and the innocence of it - but it makes me sad at the same time.

Monday, January 4, 2010

MANism Monday

Vahn watching movies on Daddy's phone- I guess all the good seats were already taken.

MANism #122909
Gryphyn doesn't really get the concept of telling jokes but that doesn't stop him from making up his own:
"Mom, what do trees bite with?" I don't know. What? "Spoons - Spoon mouths - HA HA HA"

MANism #122909-2
Vahn - I told him to take his toys upstairs to his room and he sat down on the stairs with a pouty face and said
"Me not happy with you Mom"

MANism #123009
Vahn - "I don't want to do dat" Well, would you like to have a spankin' or clean up?
"Would like to clean up"

MANism #123009-2
Vahn was poking holes in a piece of paper with a pen and stabbed his finger. I got him calmed down and put a band-aide on it. Gryphyn started grabbing the box and insisting that he needed one as well. I told him NO! and he said
"I'm going to stab myself - so I can have a band-aide"
GRRR - "You may NOT have a band-aide if you stab yourself on purpose!"

MANism #123009-3
Aunt Mimi went to the gym with us and when it was time to go, Gryphyn ran off to play with the trains by the front door Mimi went after him and on the way back, had a talk with him about not running off- when they came back to the kids area where I was helping Vahn put his shoes on, Gryphyn said
"Mom can I run off?"

MANism #123109
Gryphyn and Vahn were fighting and I made them apologize and give each other hugs. Gryphyn said
"I don't like Vahn's yucky kisses, they aren't my favorite!"

MANism #123109-2
Gryphyn "When both the hands are at the top (of the clock) we have to say Happy New Year & eat cookies!"

MANism #01022010
Driving home today we passed someone pulled over on the side of the road. Gryphyn asked "Mom what is a police ticket?" Not wanting to get into the whole explanation just then, I said "I don't know" to which he replied
" Yes you do - you got one!"

Gryphyn - we were at church just before they took offering and G said
"I don't want to give my money to God, I want to buy toys!"

Gryphyn - we were at lunch and G was laying down on the seat - we told him to sit up and he said
"I need to scratch my belly"

Gryphyn and the snowball that hit the camera!

Friday, January 1, 2010


After my last post, New Years Resolutions, I took my whole list of words, cut it up in little strips, folded up the little slips of paper and put them all in a hat. Then I closed my eyes and prayed that God would let me choose from the hat the ONE thing that I needed to focus on this coming year. I mixed them all up some more, then some more, and then even more--- slowly pulled one out and asked God to give me peace about what ever it was I was about to read on this paper!

I slowly open my eyes - (really nervous about what I was going to read)

Looking away, I slowly opened the paper.

Then stole a quick glance at the paper. That got my attention and I stared at the paper in disbelief!

WHAT - you have got to be kidding!


Me..... PATIENCE - Really?

"I" need to work on Patience??????

I consider myself to be a VERY patience person - its usually the one word that I use to describe myself!

I almost didn't even put it in the mix.

I was about to throw it away and pick again but then I started thinking about the past year all the challenges and all the unresolved issues I still am facing now.


I must admit - I am tired of not having any answers. Of waiting for things to happen. I want to go out and MAKE things happen - but my attempts have all failed.

So very much so, God is telling me to be PATIENT!

His ways are not our own and His timing is not our timing.

It has been a few days now since I opened that slip of paper. The shock has worn off and I am actually excited to see what God has planned for me in 2010.

I have a new peace about being Patient and waiting on God's timing on all my big questions. Okay I do Still want to have all the answers right now. But i'm okay with waiting.

Isaiah 40:31
But those who wait on the LORD shall renew their strength; They shall mount up with wings like eagles, They shall run and not be weary, They shall walk and not faint.