Saturday, January 29, 2011


I LOVE lazy Saturday mornings.

Normally the mess and chaos of everyday life gets to me.
In fact, it absolutely drives me crazy most days!

You see, I am a super neat freak by nature. However, anyone with kids know that motherhood and neatness don't go well together. So I've slowly had to let that go (somewhat) so that I didn't absolutely loose my mind!

Don't get me wrong I'm still holding on to a lot of it.
For example:
~ All the toy bins are labeled with pictures of what go in them and neatly tucked into cabinets out of site.
~ The Men have to put away what they are done playing with before they can get out a new toy.
~ Toys, clothes, dishes - everything has to be put away before bedtime
~ The Mens things left out go in toy "time out" - usually for several days
~ I've been known to set timers that when they go off everyone has to pick up 5 toys and put them away.

Yeah, these don't always happen everyday - but somedays I turn into psycho clean mom and I'm sure my kids have a slight fear of touching anything.

Well today is Saturday
I have nowhere to be, and no immediate deadlines.
It's almost 2 in the afternoon and it isn't bothering me one bit that everyone is still in there pj's.

I love days like this!

Last night Zac and I stayed up late watching movies
so he let me sleep in until 11 today. Pure BLISS!
Actually when I started stirring he said something about
"keep going its not even noon yet"
That little comment was probably meant to be sarcastic
but it absolutely made my day.
Just the thought of being able to relax all day was the most wonderful feeling. I'm usually the first one up each day - showered, dressed and breakfast started before I even attempt to wake the Men.

Today, I lazily sat in front of my computer; eating cold pizza and catching up on everything online. The men were watching a movie and Zac was tucked safely in his office doing his thing. I sat here thinking how perfect today was!
How could I share that with others?
So I grabbed my camera in an attempt to capture this moment that i knew would soon be gone.

From my desk, I could see Vahn kicked back in the Love Sac watching a movie:

My desk was a mess - homework and studying to get to still
(but not due for days):

I knew the kitchen was also mess since I didn't clean it last night
so i wandered in there to take a look at the damage
Yep sink full of dishes:

But at least I had a good reason,
you see yesterday I cleaned out my van and the dishwasher was full of sticky toys":

You know how kids "have to" bring the toy they are playing with in the car whenever you go somewhere? Then soon your car is littered with toys
(cuz no one ever "has to" take them back in the house when you get home)
Well to solve this messy problem, I put a small trash can between the seats that the Men can each reach and keep their toys in. Somehow (probably having to do with children in the car) our box got something sticky spilled in it and all the toys were a mess.

As I cleaned and vacuumed the van out, I tossed all the trash that had accumulated from our recent road trip and some of the toys (shhh don't tell the men) others were hand washed while the little ones were put in the dishwasher.

As I was taking pictures, Gryphyn reminded me that I still hadn't got his baby box out of the garage to show him - he has been asking for about a week now. So I went and got it and we looked at all his and Vahn's keepsakes together.

Their coming home from the hospital outfits:

Gryphyns puppy shoes and Scottish Man booties - that he put on Woof:

Vahn holding his hospital bracelet:

and we can't forget their fascination with "suckys" that they never want to give back:

Somewhere I have a picture of my sister and I around the same age doing the same thing :)
Here it is - I had to go find it :)

Soon after this, Vahn wanted pancakes. So after picking up :)
We headed into the kitchen to make chocolate chip pancakes:

Too bad Saturdays can't last forever - I'm going to enjoy mine while I can!


The McBride Family said...

Oh yes I LOVE lazy Saturdays and we had one today as well! Smart idea on the trash can in the car I may have to try that!

V said...

How fun!! The pixs were neat -- assuming Zac had his door closed since there weren't pixs of him =)