Monday, March 21, 2011


It has been a long time since I posted a MANISM Monday! - But seeing how I really dont feel like doing my homework today, its a good excuse :)

March 9th 2011

From the other room, I heard a crash followed by an “ouch”
So I call out “are you okay?”
Vahn replies “Yep I’m Awesome! - I have bandaides that come out of my arms if I get hurt”

A few minutes later another crash
“Are you being careful?”
“Yep I have superpowers bandaids come out of my arms - isn’t that awesome!”

Zac had to stay over night in the hospital a few weeks ago and we went to visit him the next day. The Men thought it was great fun to go for rides on the IV pole.

March 14th 2011

“Are you hungry smalls? Do you want some breakfast?”
“No, I’ll just have candy!”

On Dr Seuss birthday, I took the Men to our local grocery store to decorate cookies and make bookmarks

I think Gryphyn's needs a few more sprinkles

March 19th 2011

I was helping Vahn get dressed and he kept reaching over and roughing up my hair so I said
“don’t mess up my hair Smalls” to which he replied
“But its all in circles”

Hair cut time

Vahn - “mom can I watch a movie?”
“No not right now bud”
“uhhhh I wanted you to say YES!”

Little Man Tears

March 21st 2011

Gryphyn - “Mom I can’t go to school today cuz my friends will get my germs
“Not if you cover your mouth when you cough”
“YES cuz I have coughs and sneezes and hiccups and I don’t want them to all get sick.”

My little artist - making a new creation

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V said...

nothing like Lil Men comments to get us to giggle! =)

and i do want to know what color scrubs Zac thought he was wearing???

thx for sharing your cool moments/photos!!