Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Well, its been a year since my last blog post - and I had some free time with my break between quarters at school so I figured it was time for a new Manism post!

Here are some of the resent things I've seen and heard in my house full of Men!

Best part of lunch today:
Vahn asking "Mom what animal does Ranch come from?"

Tonight while attempting to check out at a self check lane that was not cooperating Gryphyn said very loudly
"Are we just going to steal all this stuff mom?"

Yeah, that didn't attract any attention around us at all!


‎"Dad I'll work out with you when I finish my peanut butter and jelly sandwich"

"Apple juice helps me train - so I’m good at kung fu
The more I drink apple juice the more smart I get
I know about toads, alligators, puzzles
You know when I drink apple juice thats how I got good at puzzles"

M: "Let me see your best Kung Fu move Vahn"
V: "They only work outside - “A da rock” is my best move"

M:“Vahn go brush your teeth”
V: “My eyes just want to close”

Vahn was eating dinner and singing
“there is a party in my tummy”
Somehow he fell out of his chair when I picked him up I asked
“Did the party get a little too crazy?”
“Yeah, it did”

G: Do I have to go to school tomorrow
M: No, your smart enough now you don’t have to go anymore
G: Really?
M: No, actually tomorrow is Saturday so you get 2 days off :)
V: I don’t have to go anymore though cuz I’m handsome!

Vahn was tattling on Gryphyn for something and I told him to worry about himself and Daddy & I would worry about what Gryphyn was doing
V: “Thats a stupendous idea!”

G: When we get home tonight and Daddy works out I’m going to work out with him so I can get stronger

We passed something on the side of the road (which I didn’t see) and Vahn was asking me about it
V: Mom what was that?
M: I don’t know bud I didn’t see it. What do you think it was?
G: Maybe it was a dinosaur bone from right here (pointing to his leg)
V: Yeah it was either that or a tree bone. I think it was a tree bone because it wasn’t dinosaur bone colored.

6:30 am Vahn was barely wake sitting in the living room waiting for his breakfast to be ready and he ask
“Do you guys have salt or just pepper in this place?”

V: Mom were you hoping that I would get sick so I could stay home and rest all day?
M: Umm not really, this is my week off!
Besides, you would have LOTS of homework - all the work that you missed from not being in school you would have to do for homework.
V: I’m feeling really healthy mom!

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