Friday, May 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Smalls

On Sunday April 26th, my baby turned 2!

I can't believe its been 2 years already - where does the time go???

My last chemo treatment has been rough, I'm super tired lately and have zero energy - which totally sucks. I joked that it only makes sense to feel so bad the week before Vahn's b-day since that is how I felt 2 years ago waiting for him to make is appearance. However, this time, I got to sit back and relax while someone else did the work!

Thank you so much to my sister Valerie for all the work you did to make Vahns party happen. Zac was in Florida for a wedding for the weekend and my MIL Ann was visiting (which also was a BIG help) Thank you Mom! But Valerie was the one who did all the party prep and shopping (food, presents, decorations, etc...) Then made us super yummy dinner and baked and decorated the cutest car cakes for Vahn.




I wanted to have a big party and invite lots of people but I didn't have the money or energy for that this year - so I was happy to finally have family in town and be able to have our 1st "family" birthday party.

Here is a picture of all the kids on their plasma cars- well except Gryphyn - Uncle Josh sat in for him since he was busy throwing a fit because he couldn't sit on the "green" car! He is very much into the color green right now and everything has to be green. If there is a green option, he has to have it or he melts down.


Vahn on the other hand, is pretty laid back and generally happy with whatever.

His favorite presents were:

The plasma car - now we have 2 so they don't have to fight over it - however they both want the new one now

Ball - still a big fan of balls

and his new cup - it has cars on it!

Happy Birthday Little Man - I love you!


The Zinn family said...

looks like he had a lot of fun. Those plasma cars look cool, I have never heard of them before. Hope you get feeling better!

zac|thomas said...

Though I started the day in Florida, I did in fact make the party! Dad was behind the camera for most of these shots :)

Michele said...

I need to know, what exactly is a plasma car? It's hard to tell from the pictures. Looks like a great party! Hope you're feeling better soon Jolene... Happy Birthday Vahn!!!

godnov said...

Great post, Jolene! Little Vahn is so darling!

We continue to pray for God to give you strength through this trial.