Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Yesterday I had some time to kill waiting in the drs office so I decided to use the time to catch up on my reading.

I should have brought one of the many books I have been meaning to get to, or at least chose the photography magazine that, I have been carrying around in my bag for months now. The one that Zac keeps asking me if I've read yet - yeah someday I really do intend to read that - Really I do want to. (Some how I don't think Zac is convinced)

But yesterday, I wasn't feeling up to anything that required a lot of brain power or deep though.
I mean how often to I get away by myself. Granted I was sitting in the waiting room at the VA getting ready to be stuck by needles and put in a machine to look at my heart, but to me this was relaxing - a little mini vacation - KID FREE.
No one crying or screaming or fighting, no one asking for more juice or to take them potty. No "what are we doing next time?" (meaning when we are done here), No "Babis" or "ba-ba requests". I was for once surrounded by adults who were content to nod and smile at my presence and not require anything more from me.

Yet somehow my focus was still on my little men. So after glancing thru the piles of magazines that were no kidding several years old (they really need to update those) I pulled a Parents magazine out of my bag and started flipping thru it.

Mostly looking at the pictures occasionally reading an article that sounded interesting.
One article I did read was about organizing the kids playroom - with the boys room STILL not finished, their toys are mostly in the living room and I'm always trying to find a way to make my living room NOT look like a toy store that was hit by a tornado.

The article started off with the author describing her kids playroom, saying it looked like a lego eating monster had barfed on the rug! I was dying laughing YES, that was SO my house - not legos (yet) but definitely some sort of preschool toy eating monster regularly gets sick in my living room!

While I was away at my dr appt, I think our "monster" called some of his friends because later that evening, the play dough eating monster visited my kitchen. Maybe HE should have been the one at the dr -because it didn't take long for him to spew brightly colored play dough bits everywhere!






I know tonight when I run the bath for the men, the water monster will sneak into the tub while I am not looking and splash water all over the bathroom requiring a minimum of two giant super absorbent towels to mop up the mess.

I'm sure some part of me will miss all of our "MONSTERS" when they are gone, but for now,
I'm considering posting some "no monsters allowed signs"



Nichole said...

The Lego monster is already paying regular visits to our house. As are the PlayDoh monster and the water monster!

I love the table the boys are playing on, there.

The Zinn family said...

There must be an army of these buggers. Oh and a whole new breed of monsters arrived once I got my dogs. Right now I am looking at what the straw hat eating monster did in the basement! So funny, I love it!

V said...

At least the Monsters like your house! Those lego and playdoh monsters haven't been around our place lately! :-( Maybe I need to check out your place & see if they will visit us! LoL

V said...

Yep - like the hair trims.
Lookin' Good like Lil' Men should!!

hugs/love!!! xoxoxooxoxoxoxoxox

Michele said...

I laughed so hard at your post! The monsters in my house include the makeup monster which likes to draw on my walls and the cheese monster that draws on my windows! Can you make extras of those signs? I need to post them all over my house...somehow I don't think just one sign will do.