Monday, December 14, 2009

Make a list Monday

So I've been thinking that I should blog more and have started following a lot of great blogs that really inspire me.
One of those blogs is:

On todays post, she wrote:

"This week's blog assignment at MGR is to make a list of what is on your Christmas list"

So of course I had to look up MGR to see what that was about - I'm going to need a lot more time to devote to that - it looked really interesting for the quick glance I took - and for some reason, I NEED to have my questions answered about blogs and how/ why you get assignments?

But I don't have the time today - INSTEAD, I'm going to "blog" MY to do list!
(which I should be doing instead of typing this)

I try to get as much done each day as I can - the rest rolls over to tomorrow :)

Go to the Gym - CHECK

Apply for membership - CHECK

Get Groceries - CHECK

Apply for FASA


Craft Store - stuff to make Christmas Presents with the Men

Edit Pictures

Get Drivers License

Take placement test for SLCC

Fix nails

Return Pans to Stacey

Bible Study @ 7

Ok - I know you are dying to know what MGR is as well - so I'll be nice and add the link for you - try not to waste too much time on there and ignore YOUR to do list!

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