Sunday, December 5, 2010

The 5th Day of Christmas

5 Golden Rings

Todays gift was a tin of butter cookies and some bracelets for the girls and a bracelet pen for the boy in the family.



I decided to go with my own creation tonight because all the previous days had started out with "On the ____ day of Christmas" and Zac's poem tonight didn't. I was kind of torn though because I liked his poem but I didn't want to bother him to add to it since he was busy editing pictures.
So in the end I wrote my own.

Here are the two versions:


Five golden rings would be nice,
the way they shimmer in the light
But sparkly bracelets shimmer too,
and cookies just feel so right


On the fifth day of Christmas we sing “Five golden rings”
So a box of golden cookies is part of the gift we bring
Also for the kids, we must insist
they wear these “rings” around their wrists

1 comment:

zac|thomas said...

upon rereading my poem - it kinda sucks. good thing you went with yours. Don't know what I was thinking.