Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Back Home

So, if you haven't heard yet, all went well with my surgery - Here is what I can remember of the past few days:

We got to the hospital at 6am and waited about 30min before they came to get us (so totally could have slept in)  They took us back to a little dressing room where I changed into a hospital gown and bagged up all my clothes to be put in a locker - then they came and got me and took be to the pre-op area.  Got me all set up in a bed and asked me a bunch of questions, took my vitals etc -  then zac kissed me goodbye and they took me off to see anesthesia.  

Once there, they got me all hooked up with an IV and gave me something to help me relax.  Then they realized that they didn't have a current pregnancy test on me.  Such a pain - they did one the day before during my pre-op appt but when I went to have my chest x-ray, the  results weren't back yet so they x-ray tech called the lab who said that it had been cancelled - so I just told her verbally that I wasn't preg and we went with that - but before surgery, they had to be sure - so they wanted me to give them a pee sample - of course I couldn't get up to try because they had already given me something by iv -so I got a bed pan instead -  yea right! Of course I couldn't go it - you try to lie down and purposely pee in bed - You lose that ability around 4 I think :)  So meanwhile, they figure out that they need a blood test anyway so they drew that and checked that way - we had to wait about 30min for that results big shock, it came back negative.  So then it was off to surgery - I got a cool little hat and they switched me to the operating table and immediately I was surrounded by people all doing their job and given oxygen and more drugs which quickly had me drifting off to la la land.  

When I came too - I was missing a boob - what the?! - Oh wait they were suppose to take that.  I was still pretty out of it and nauseous - not as bad as the last operation - but still not much fun. I didn't actually puke until they gave me a pill to settle my stomach.  Go figure.  They quickly got me all set up in a room and gave me pain med by IV.   The pain hasn't been too bad - it was more of the headache and nausiou that was getting to me.  I had two roommates who both had their TV's on so I kept my curtains closed to try and block out the light and tired to sleep as much as possible.  Zac stayed with me most of the afternoon editing pictures while I slept.  He went to get mom and the kids later that night and my boss Tina and my friend Sabrina came to see me and brought me flowers and balloons - I was sort of out of it - but it totally made my day - It is a rule that if you have to be in the hospital, you get flowers and balloons :)  Thanks guys!  
Shortly after that, Mom, Zac and the Men arrived.  Gryphyn wanted to know what everything was and mostly wanted to run around and check out stuff.  Vahn immediately climbed up in my lap and gave me a hug - such a sweetie.  They didn't stay long since it was bed time for them and I was drifting as well.  I had waited to get some pain med till right before they got there because my nurse said it would make me sleepy and I wanted to be awake to see them.  So after everyone left, I tried to lay down and realized that the pain was still the same and I couldn't sleep - so she gave me some different stuff and I was soon out.  However that didn't last long - due to the constant IV fluid I was getting, I woke up every hour all night long to pee.  So annoying!  Around 3am I was up peeing again and my nurse was making her rounds, I told her I was starving - they hadn't given me any dinner since I was so nausous before - so the nurse got me some animal crackers and some milk then said that they had just had a christmas party and there was a tray of left over meat, cheese and fruit if I would like any of that - so she made me a plate - I ate some of that and drank my milk and juice - when she came back to check on me she said "good news - you have kept down enough fluid orally that we can take your iv off - so you won't have to get up so often to pee"  So then I went back to sleep and got a whole 2hrs in until that came around to check vitals and stuff. - so over all, it wasn't a very restful night.  

This morning, I had a bunch of staff come in and see me, my dr, the main dr, nurses, techs, social worker, high school students (taking vitals) and my pastor Kevin came to see me - I sort of drifted in and out all morning.  I didn't really find out much info yet, they will call me with the test results in about a week, I have a follow up appt on the 23rd, Skland Prosthetics will contact us about a fake boob and I will be getting a letter to fee base (meaning the VA will pay for it) to the Cancer Center - so for now, I just take my drugs and rest.  I don't have any restrictions as far as lifting or moving - I'm not allowed to drive while I'm taking pain meds and I can take the bandages off and shower starting tomorrow.

So, I think that is everything - Thank you to everyone who has been there for me - your prayers and support mean the world to my family and I.  :)


Cari, Abe, and Paige said...

Oh sweetie! I'm so sorry that you are going through this. You have such high spirits though, it totally makes me smile! (((hugs)))

The McBride Family said...

I'm so glad it all went pretty smoothly Jolene. My prayers are with you!

Trice said...

I was so glad to have talked to you the night before your operation, so that more of us would be praying. And how I do understand the in's and outs of being the patient in the hosp. first hand, NOT fun!!! We are continuing to pray for you,too. We love you!

Harris Fam said...

I'm glad everything went well for you, and your initial recovery will be swift. I'm praying for the best possible outcome for you! Love you guys! Tiera

Jacki said...

Hey JOJO!!!
I have been working this week at the daycare. It is so weird not seeing you there. Gryph is being a good boy :-)
Anytime you want me to take them men i will :-)
I am glad everything went well with your surgery.

Love You and I am praying for you!!!

ange said...

hi jolene,
ben just told me yesterday about everything you guys are going through. we're thinking of and praying for you a ton. you sound amazing and i would hope anyone that had to go through this would be as upbeat, optimistic and strong. you are amazing. we'll be thinking of you and checking your blog constantly!
the bidwells

NanaKaren said...

Good morning Jolene! I'm glad to read that you're doing well and the surgery went smoothly. Hope you have a speedy and uneventful recovery. Let your family baby you and get lots of rest.

Karen from Friends in Touch Care Team

Vergori Family said...

I've been away for the past few weeks but you've been on my mind often. I'm glad the surgery was successful and you're getting back to a somewhat normal state.

Love always, Reese