Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Test Results

I know we all could use some good news so I'm so happy to have some to share!

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I had my follow up appt today and they took the drain tubes out I am so glad to be rid of those!
I also got the test results back and all the margins were clear and it had NOT spread to the lymph nodes So that means that they got all the cancer out and it hasn't spread anywhere else!

As far as staging, It is stage 2 - technically, for those of you who care or know what it means, I am a T3N0M0. For those of you who now what to know what that means :)
T3= The cancer is more than 5cm in diameter
N0= The cancer has not spread to the lymph nodes
M0= No distant cancer spread

So the next step is oncology treatments. I am still waiting for the consult to oncology - they are super backed up so I will probably be referred to a cancer clinic somewhere outside the VA - which is also a good thing - I'm happy to go somewhere that specializes in that - not that the VA doesn't (they do have a primary oncology clinic at the VA)

The Dr today said that they will probably be aggressive in the treatment because I am so young - so I am curious as to what oncology recommends for me treatment wise.
Earlier this week we were at the pharmacy picking up a prescription for Gryphyn (3rd round for this double ear infection :( ) and it was super late so we were talking to the pharmacist. The whole cancer thing came up and she said that her mom had cancer and that she had told her NOT to get chemo unless it was a life or death choice - she explained that chemo is so bad for you body - yes it kills the cancer but it also attacks so many good things in your body as well. You can only have a certain amount in your body because it makes you toxic. Once you get it you can never do it again. So if I choose to do chemo now and the cancer does come back, I'm screwed I can't do chemo again. So I'm really considering NOT doing it now. I don't have all the facts yet but from what I have heard, I am thinking of just doing radiation and an estrogen blocker. The more estrogen you have in your body the higher your risk for cancer - so the less you have the better.

So, yea! for good news finally


Ingram Family said...

What great news! I am so happy the results were "good." I will be praying that you guys would feel a clear direction to what to do next, radiation, chemo, etc. Are you feeling tons better now that the drains are out?

Jolene said...

I still have a big bulky bandage over the "holes" where they took the drains out - but so much better than the long tubes and bulbs - nothing to get caught on stuff or try and tuck out of the way anymore - no more baggy shirts - I am so glad to be rid of them!