Wednesday, January 28, 2009

MUGA test and CHEMO starting!

Quick update - today I went and had a MUGA test done it checks to see how much blood pumps out of my heart when it contracts.  Anything over 50-55% is considered normal - You will be happy to know that mine was in the 60% range :)    Folowing is a description of the test I stole from someone elses blog (  Gotta give credit where it is due!  I did change a few details that weren't the same as my experience 

"They weren't looking for anything wrong, just a baseline for comparison to make sure it doesn't get damaged by the poisons medications they're going to start injecting into me tomorrow.

As the tech said, this is probably the easiest procedure I'll endure during the next few months. It started with a needle, as they injected something into me (I forget what). Then I had to wait 20 minutes, while whatever they injected into me bonded with my red blood cells (a little tango perhaps). Then another injection, this time with radioactive stuff (and no, unfortunately, I do not glow in the dark). They attached three sets of diodes and wires. Then took three sets of pictures of my heart, spaced 16 min apart based on my heart cycle.  And then I was done. "

I did learn that I have a slight irregularity in my heart beat.  Its not a big deal -nothing to be concerned about I never knew it was irregular -but its been there for as long as I can remember.  Basically, on every 4th beat, my heart beats twice - so when you are listening to it on a monitor, it sounds like - BEEP -- BEEP -- BEEP -- BEEPBEEP-- BEEP -- BEEP -- BEEP -- BEEPBEEP.  No wonder I've always had a hard time trying to find my heart rate at the gym - ya know when you are suppose to stop and count for 30sec - Mine goes 1-2-3-45-umm I think 7-8-9-1011 - Yeah, I never had a clue trying to figure it out - NOW I know WHY!

Tomorrow, I start my Chemo and I'm slightly nervous about it - I think it will be fine and usually you have no side effects the day of treatment (they show up the next day) its just he uncertainty of which side effects if any I will have.  

I was accepted into the test study program for the test drug for my  HER-2 status so I will be getting 4 drugs now (I know I said 5 before if you keep up with these posts - but they decided to drop one of them)  So I will be taking:

Taxotere, Carboplatin, Herceptin, & Avastin 

and for those of you werdos who I know will ask what drugs I'm taking LOL - here is what they have prescribed currently:

Dexamethosone - I take this one 2x daily the day before chemo, the day of, and the day after - it helps to prevent side effects that chemo causes

and 3 different nausea meds:

Granisetron, Lorazepam, & Promethazine  - these are all take as needed.

The Granisetron, I am suppose to take for 3 days following chemo and the Promethazine is sedating so take that one if things get too bad

Fun stuff - I'm hoping and praying that I won't need to take any of them!


The Zinn family said...

I will pray that God will have his arms around you the whole time, and that you will feel little to no pain or side affects. I'll keep checking back to see how your doing.

Cathy and Crew said...

My name is Cathy and I am Crystal's sister. I hope that you don't mind that she passed on your blog. I am not sure if Crystal has passed on any of my info but I too have been diagnosed with breast cancer. I am stage 3 and will have my 4th and final AC treatment February 10th. I will so happy to be done with "The Red Devil". I will than have 12 weekly Taxol treatments followed by radiation. Stay strong positive and in prayer. If you want to ask me any questions feel free and if you just wanna spew that's fine too. My e-mail is, I am thinking about starting one of these blog as I want to share my story and info for those who may need it. I will life you in prayer by name and ask for prayers at church tomorrow also, I know what the next few day's have in store.
God Bless,
Cathy Nicosia