Sunday, February 1, 2009

Are we done yet?

So today - definitely NOT one of the best days of my life! Did I mention I'm not such a big fan of all this cancer stuff???

Thankfully, the symptoms haven't been too bad - mostly tired and everything tastes like crap! Then yesterday, I had to go in to get a shot that stimulates the white blood cells. And today - MAN does everything hurt! All my big bones and joints hurt so bad. I'm pretty tough so if I'm complaining of pain - you know its gotta hurt! So I've been spending most of my day in bed sleeping while Zac is being a trooper and taking care of everything else. The men aren't letting him have an easy time of it either.

It all started at 7am when Gryphyn woke up and had said he had to throw up. Thankfully he made it to the bathroom. However, that was just one of many times thru out the day - not all of which made it to the bathroom :( Somewhere in there, Zac put Vahn in bed with me so he could deal with Gryphyn's mess and Vahn drifted off to sleep - a bit later however, he apparently was feeling left out because he woke up and puked all over the bed - Gee Thanks! Being the good wife I am, I quickly called Zac in to deal with that as well and moved over to the boys bed so I could stay out of the way!

Its been several hours now and things seem to have settled down - I'm praying that tomorrow isn't as eventful! However from my perspective, I got to sleep all day and the boys got baths, the beds all stripped and washed, laundry done, bathroom cleaned and the men are all tucked in sleeping peacefully! Somehow, I don't think Zac sees it in the same way!

I couldn't do this with out you Zac - Thank you so much for everything - I DO!


Ficklechic said...

I just want to hug you... Bless you and your husband and your men... please know that many many people are praying for you and your family!

Heather and Reese said...

Oh, Jolene, what a load of crap! I'm sorry. Poor Zac. Hope The Boys are feeling better... and you too.

God bless.


Michele said...

That's just nasty! I hope your poor joints are feeling better and that those little men of yours are on the mend. Zac, you are a good husband taking care of your family like that! We are praying for all of you!