Sunday, December 12, 2010

The 12th Day of Christmas

12 Drummers Drumming

I'm a bit sad that tonight is the last night. I have had so much fun doing this!

Tonights gift was a challenge to find - I have been looking for several days for a "drum" and kept coming up empty handed. I was running some errands today and stopped at the book store (looking for something else) and asked by chance if they had any "drums". I ended up finding 3 perfect gifts while I was there. A chapter book about a drum playing fairy, the little drummer boy movie and a sturdy book that plays music with the little drummer boy story. Then I found the three little drum decorations at Michael's (all 3 for less than a dollar).
Also included tonight was a card explaining why we chose them and revealing who we were.



(Adapted from the above link)

Night 12 has arrived, and on this our last night, 

One dozen drummers would be a grand sight. 

But the noise of their drums would hurt your head, 

So enjoy these books and movie we bring you instead.

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Valerie said...

You can't just leave us hanging now! LOL What did they say? Were they surprised? Or did they figure it out?