Tuesday, February 16, 2010

MANism Monday & Project 365 (days 39-45)

Shhh - I know this post is late! Just pretend that I'm in a different time zone! Technically, its only 1 hour late! YAWN - NOW I can go to bed!

Nana - sent me this one:
I heard V "let one" in his car seat.
I said - Vahn, did you make a "toot"?
He said - No I burped.
I said - What?
He says - My bum burped.
[this kid!! haha]

G ~ I don't like you calling me "G" anymore
M ~ What do you want me to call you?
G ~ Danger!

M~ Gryphyn do you want to finish my homework for me?
G ~ No
M ~ Why not?
G ~ Cuz its too boring!

Feb 9th small
Feb 9th - Day 39
One of the over 700 photos I have taken so for for a job I'm doing.

We were out shopping with Nana and she told Vahn,
"Lets unzip your jacket a little bit cuz your a little hot"
Vahn took it all the way off and said
"I'm a lot hot"

While driving in the car, Gryphyn randomly said:
"Nana when I get big I'm going to have LOTS of money and I'm going to buy you groceries"

Gryphyn was dancing around while I was making him dinner and he said:
"Mom I have lots of dance moves! I always have lots of cool dance moves"

Feb 10th small
Feb 10th - Day 40
Gryphyn found this giant bear in Walmart - we had to take a photo of him with it :)

Feb 10b small
Runner 40b
You can't take one of G and not one of V!

Gryphyn was going "potty" and he looks down and says - Look mom my poop looks like a triceratops!"

I was using the toilet brush to clean the toilet and G said:
"Can I do that when I get big?"
"You can do it NOW - go right ahead!"

I was putting Vahn to bed and he said:
"I need a drink of water"
"You can have a little sip so so stay dry all night"
"NO, I need a big one, It makes me happy!"

Feb 11th small
Feb 11th - Day 41
I got my 2nd math test back today with a score of 104 (with extra credit)
I wish this photo wasn't so blurry but my phone doesn't focus well so its the best I got :(
I think a new pocket size camera is in my future!

I was half awake when Vahn asked me for breakfast:
"Mommy me hungry, Me want the darbow"
"Dar - bow?"
I finally figured out that he wanted the Star bowl!

Gryphyn - "Daddy we are going to the park today"
"The park?"
"No its too cloudy it might rain. We are going to go swimming at the gym"

Feb 12th small
Feb 12th - Day 42
Gryphyn and I made cookies today - YUM!

Feb 13th small
Feb 13th - Day 43
We went to a dog b-day party and we were the last to leave so we got to take home all the balloons!

Gryphyn was mad at Vahn and said:
"Vahn when I grow up I'm going to buy you real dinosaurs that will scare you away and you will go all the way up to space forever!"

Feb 14th small
Feb 14th - Day 44
Gryphyn laying on the floor at Mimi & Johns playing with his "collection" - AKA Johns toys from when he was little.

Gryphyn was whining and complaining about me cutting his hair - he kept saying that it hurt when I cut his hair. Then he looked in the mirror and said "its perfect like that" when I was in the middle of cutting it.

Feb 15th - Day 45
Gryphyn went shopping with me while Vahn was taking a nap so I let him use my "little" umbrella - He loved it and kept saying it was HIS!

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So happy for you on your math test YIPEE!!!!