Tuesday, February 23, 2010

MANism Monday & Project 365 (days 46-52)

Feb 16th small
Feb 16th - Day 46
Scissors - I gave Vahn a hair cut today -( G a few days ago.)

Vahn & I were leaving the grocery store and he pointed to the store name and said:
"That spells FUN!"

Feb 17th small
Feb 17th - Day 47
Just finished my math homework - I'm actually really enjoying my math class Shhh don't tell anyone! :)

Gryphyn was in his room watching tv while I did my homework and he came out saying "Mom come quick - I need you to call this number" So I go up to see what he is talking about and he had paused the tv at a commercial for some little remote control truck thing - I replayed the commercial and it says to call the number to order.

Feb 18th small
Feb 18th - Day 48
Mommy take a picture of my candy!

Feb 18b small
Feb 18b - Candy

On the way to school Gryphyn said:
"When I get real big, I can make real BIG BIG trees and smoosh them in the ground and bury they like dead people."

Vahn: "Clouds live in the sky"

Feb 19th small
Feb 19th - Day 49
The Men in their "grounded" shirts. Nana bought them a few months ago but wanted a picture of them together in them before them were messed up so they have been hanging in my room forever!

Feb 20th small
Feb 20th - Day 50
Gryphyns new Lego's - He loves to build Legos so I got him this set today when we were at Toys R Us looking for a birthday card for his cousin Skyler

We were at lunch with friends and I look over and G had his shirt up and he was talking to the girl next to him. I asked him what he was doing and he said:
"Showing her where God lives" He was pointing to his belly button!

Nana told Gryphyn not to sit on the table and he said:
"Its a good place to sit!"

Feb 21st small
Feb 21st - day 51
Mandy and I went shopping - YEA! I saw this shirt (I didn't buy it) but it made me laugh so I had to take a picture of it!

Feb 22nd - Day 52
Mom and I went to the Dollar show to see "Leap Year"

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