Monday, February 8, 2010

MANism Monday & Project 365 (days 32-38)

Feb 1 small
Feb 1st - Day 32
Playing with angles at the park while the men played.

Feb 1b small
Runner up - 32b
Gryphyn playing with his light saber (making light saber sounds)

Feb 2 small
Feb 2nd - Day 33
After putting Gryphyn back in his bed once, he came back in our room, I told him that he couldn't sleep in our bed and to go sleep on the couch if he didn't want to sleep in his own bed. This is how I found him in the morning.

Feb 3 small
Feb 3rd - Day 34
Happy Birthday to Zac

Zac took Gryphyn with him to pick up a Red Box movie and Vahn stayed home to help me make dinner. Zac told me later that Gryphyn was complaining that "he" wanted to make dinner too. Zac explained to him, that he got to go with Daddy and Vahn was helping Mommy. So Gryphyn says:
"Oh so we get to get a movie while Vahn and Mommy make dinner and Then we can ride a horse!"

Feb 4 small
Feb 4th - Day 35
A few minutes to midnight, I told Zac I forgot to take my photo today - I need to take a picture of something. He suggested the clock and I got this

Feb 4b small
Runner up - 35b
Zac took a turn and captured this photo in the exact moment that the clock changed to 12:00

Feb 5 small
Feb 5th - Day 36
I found this guy on the floor in the morning, left over from last nights play. It made me smile. A lego guy in a truck is VERY little Manish!

Gryphyn asked me to make him a new paper airplane. I told him " we already have LOTS of paper airplanes, go find one of those"
G~ "No, they are all mushy"
G~ "Yes mushy - they look like an old man"

Feb 6 small
Feb 6th - Day 37
It was cold and drizzly so we stopped at McDonald's so the Men could play and I could work on my homework. On the way in Gryphyn saw this rock and said "Hey Mom, take my picture on this rock!"

Gryphyn~ "Mom I told them (the neighbors) that these horns (the ears on his batman mask) shoot out batabans. Do you know what Batabans are?"
"Nope what are they?"
"They are made out of trees and cars and bikes AND dogs"

Vahn was eating teddy graham, when I stole one, he said
"Me not happy you help me eat my crackers!"

Runner up - Day 37
My poor broken phone :(
Vahn was drawing on the Sketches app on my iphone while we were driving to the gym. When we got out, he wanted to run after Gryphyn and I said "let me hold the phone while you run so you don't fall and break it" To which he replied "NO" and took of running. And what happens.... YEP he fell and broke my phone!

When Nana got up this morning Vahn said
"Nana you wake up? Me miss you all night!"

Feb 7 small
Feb 7th - Day 38
We stopped at the mall on the way to church to get screen protector for my phone. We rarely go to the mall so we were surprised that they didn't open until 12:00. So we let the Men run around for a bit and they found this shopping cart to play on.

Vahn started crying and said that Gryphyn spit on him.
M~ "Gryphyn, Did you "SPIT" on Vahn?"
G~ "Yes"
M~ "Why would you do that?"
G~"Because, I didn't want the spit in my mouth anymore!"

Feb 8 small
Feb 8th - Day 39
Morning sun hitting the flowers on the counter

I was updating my status on FaceBook and Vahn said:
"You missing two letters" the funny part is I reread it to see what was missing!


Stacey said...

I love the photo on day 37. I think little vahn looks a little elvish...sooo cute!

The Zinn family said...

Oh my goodness, your poor phone. Sonny actually tore apart my otter box cover today!!! I found the rubber to it on the ground ripped in pieces. Good thing the plastic box is nuclear proof :O)

Love the pics.

V said...

Thanks for capturing the sun on the tulips! Cool Pix!!