Tuesday, March 16, 2010

MANism Monday & Project 365 (days 67-73)

I did really bad this week on taking photos and writing down the MANisms - I'm not sure why????

So here is what I did get:

March 9th small
March 9th - Day 67
Gryphyn - He looks like he is mad but really he is concentrating on a computer game. I love his expression because it is so "Gryphyn"

March 10th small
March 10th - Day 68
Today was my 34th Birthday!
I spent the first 3 hours of it at the plastic surgeons office finding out about my surgery that will be next week
I'm have a mastectomy on the "good" side and then having expanders placed on both sides - look for more details on all that soon to come.

MARCH 11th - Day 69
No picture today :(
I suppose that is pretty good that I have made it this far into the year without missing a day!

Gryphyn: "hey Mom, maybe tonight we can have a party, cuz we really like to party"
M~"what would the party be for?"
G~"for tonight"

March 12th small
March 12th - Day 70
I know, I know - I'm a mean mom!
I make my kid stand in the corner then take pictures of him and post them on the web! :)

March 13th small
March 13th - Day 71
We took the Men to see the Disney on Ice Show (for MY birthday) - I had good intentions of taking lots of photos but I forgot to put a card in my camera and ended up caring around the big heavy one all day in the snow for no reason - I really wasn't very happy about that!

March 13b small
Runner-up 71b
It started snowing while we were at the show and Zac and I stopped to get Starbucks to warm up - however, there was a Ben and Jerrys right next door so the Men "had" to have some ice cream!

March 14th small
March 14th - Day 72
Poor Vahn is so accident prone - We have one of those cutting boards that pull out from the cabinets and he was running around and ran right into it! OUCH! - I love his expression in this photo when I asked him to let me take his picture - he brushes it off and keeps right on going!

March 15th - Day 73
Zac's Protein Powder (its the only picture I took today)
I took a picture so that I could price it at other stores to see if I could find it cheaper.


V said...

I should have taken a pix of you trying to finish that English paper! You could have used it for several days - LoL!

Michele said...

I laughed so hard I had tears in my eyes! Your little men remind me so much of my own kids! They always have something interesting to say. Thanks for sharing your stories and all the pics...I really enjoyed looking at them!