Monday, March 29, 2010

MANism Monday & Project 365 (days 80 - 86)

I took a ton of photos this week but I still missed a few days. I'm loving my new camera and being able to carry it everywhere with me -but I'm still not use to having it. Like today, I took a photo with my phone and was thinking I wish I had my real camera with me - Oh yeah I do! DUH!

March 22nd - Day 80

The men were starting to look a bit scraggly so it was time for a hair cut - I refuse to pay the high prices when they never do a good job so I cut it myself. Here are the before and after photos.


Gryphyn threw a toy over the stairs and when he got in trouble for it (since it almost hit Nana), we went to apologize to her and said: "I'm sorry Nana for trying to throw my toys at your head"

We were out running around and stopped at the house for a few things. Nana was there and asked MiMi about Vahn "Has this one had N-O-N-A-P? To which Vahn quickly replied "Yep!"

MANism #03222010-3
MiMi told Gryphyn that if he didn't "________" then she was going to "drop the hammer" Later that day, we heard G tell Vahn that if he didn't do ______ that "MiMi is going to drop the hammer"

March 23rd - Day 81
No photos :(

Vahn once again got up much earlier than I wanted to - after a few minutes in my bed of him squirming around and insisting that he was thirsty while I tried to ignore him and sleep. I gave up and as I was prying myself from the bed I told him "your a bedhog" to which he replied "No, me a kid"

Vahn was looking at the front of his pj shirt (that has an elephant on it) and asked "Why animals have one eye?" Once I figured out what he was talking about, I told him "the other one is on the other side - you just can't see it in your picture"

We were driving and Vahn pointed out the window and asked "what those birds doing?"
M~ "I don't know, I didn't see them. What do you think they were doing?"
V~ "They looking for food. They hungry like me!"

Vahn got upset that his pee wasn't yellow. I tried explaining to him that its not "suppose to" be yellow. To which he replied "Me like it yellow" - then went on telling me how he was going to drink some water so it would be red and green! YIKES!

V~ "Mes play with Gryphyns neighbors?"
M~ "They are YOUR neighbors too."

March 24th - Day 82

I was driving Gryphyn to school when he pointed out the window towards a factory and and asked what it was. I told him it was some sort of factory and that we should go check it out to see what it was
G~ "Yeah, cuz its cool! Its making all the clouds!"

"Cloud" Factory

March 25th - Day 83
No photos :(

March 26th - Day 84

March 26th
Vahn tends to roll out of his bed at night - good thing its on the floor - this is how I found him when I went to check on the men before I went to bed!

I got Gryphyn a watch out of a Geocache yesterday. This morning Vahn put it on and was asked what time it was - I looked at it and told him it was 7:31. Then he looked at it and said "it says 39 - 1- 12" Since then, he has been staring at it and every time it changes he asks "what it say now mama?"

The Lil Men and I went for a walk along the Jordan River Parkway. The Men were riding their bikes and Gryphyn went really far ahead of us. Vahn was getting tired so when I couldn't see G anymore, I made Vahn sit on a bench on the side of the trail and ran after Gryphyn. When I finally caught up to him, he had taken the seat off of his bike and was sitting on it on the ground next to his bike. I asked him what he was doing and he said "ohh just taking a little break!"

March 27th - Day 85

We spent the day at Antelope island - while there, Gryphyn found this Cache totally on accident. We kept telling him not to open or touch thing. He found this in one of the side bins of an old wagon.

Here is the photo that I took:

And the one Zac took - sigh he just sees things better than I do!

While climbing on some rocks at Antelope Island, I thought Zac had the men and he thought I did! We couldn't find Gryphyn anywhere! Of course we freaked out when he didn't answer our calls. I headed back toward the car with Vahn while Zac searched the rocks. About 1/2 way to the car I spot Gryphyn with an arm full of rocks.
M ~ "why did you run away"
G~ "I was on a mission"
M~ "You have to stay with Mommy and Daddy at all times - stay where we can see you so we know you are okay!"
G~"But it was a "kid" mission!"

85b - Zac off doing what he loves - capturing great photos!

March 28th - Day 86
No photos :(

March 29th - Day 87
March29b toybox
Vahn sitting in his toy box -singing about "sitting in the toy box"


The Zinn family said...

I absolutly love when kids sing about what their doing. It gives such great perspective on how they view their activities, and can be quite hillarious!!! Loves all the photos. I am going to look up geo caching now, you got me interested :O)

The Zinn family said...

Oh my goodness!!! I just created an account on the geo cahce site!!!!! I am so excited about this. I think we are going to ry one out this week. Thanks for blogging about this, I have a new hobby that I can include the kids in. Yeah!!!

Jolene said...

Yea! I love that the whole family can do this hobby! The Men love finding treasure! I love that it gets us outside being active!

Add me as a friend on the Geocaching website - my username is 3MEN&I