Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Today we are in AZ - suppose to be 109 today!
Why are we here? Long story!
Here is the short version:
About a month ago I found out that my Dad had liver cancer - then a blood test came back that said it was inconclusive of Cancer - then the drs decided that they had enough info to say it WAS cancer. So, last I heard, he has 6 months to live :(

Because Gryphyn was born in Germany (and some other family drama) plus, we have only been back in the states a few years, my dad has never met my boys and its been years since I've seen him either. So the boys and I flew out yesterday to see the family - (all my immediate family -besides us are in AZ)

Flying for 9 hrs alone with a 3 year old and 1 year old wasn't ideal but my brother in law Josh was able to get us tickets for $70 round trip so the price was right.
We left NC at 8am our time, flew to Detroit MI, changed planes and flew to Huston, TX, then switched planes again and made it to Phoenix, AZ at 6pm our time- It made for a very LONG day. The first two flight went smoothly - we even ALL slept the whole 2nd flight,but the last one sucked!
The boys were done with sitting still on the airplane, the flight attendants weren't very helpful, and the ride was bumpy! Several minutes after we were in the air, Grph took off his seatbelt and laid down on the floor. A flight attendant walked by looked at him and went to the front of the cabin and made an announcement that "we have not reached our cruising altitude and the pilot has not turned off the fasten your seatbelt sign yet - please remain seated with your seatbelt on until he has done so" I knew they were talking to us - "roll eyes"! Apparently she doesn't have small children! So my attempts to get Gryph back in his seat with a seatbelt on resulted in a spanking and lots of screaming - Sigh!
Later when they were passing out drinks, I asked for juice in a sippy cup, but instead got a look and a cup of water and a can of juice. Mind you Vahn is on my lap and so I attempt to keep him from grabbing the cans from the cart while I pour everything into Gryphyns cup. Big surprise, Vahn picks up the can of juice to take a drink and spills it all over him self and me! Good thing I packed him a change of clothes in my carry on! Not so forunate in my own wardrobe choice - by the end of the day, my pants for sure were an indication that I was a mom with small kids! Gryphyn took 3 trips to the bathroom - at least he went in the potty. Anyone who has ever used the bathroom on an airplane knows its not made for a mom and 2 small kids - what an ordeal that was!
When I told Zac, he commented, "How many good flights did you really expect? You are traveling with the Men :)" I guess thats true. We survived and everyone is playing relatively nicely in my sisters living room as I type this.

As for my dad, I am going to call in a bit to find out the latest but last I heard, this was the status:

~He has psoriasis
~A large mass on the left side of his liver and 2 small ones on the right side
I asked him about the blood test that said the cancer was inconclusive and he said they had enough other information that they were NOT going to do another liver biopsy

~He can't get an appt with the Oncologist until the 4th of Aug - not sure if that will just be a consult or treatment
~ His legs and stomach are about 3x their normal size from all the fluid retention. He has to go in again and have space between his stomach and intestines drained - so he can breath better. Last time, they removed a liter of fluid. And it help tremendously.

~He can also only eat a few bites of food at a time because of the pressure on his stomach and lungs (can't get too full)
~ His dr and pharmacy aren't communicating well so he is having trouble getting his meds refilled. He only has a few days of blood thinners left (for the blood clot in his lungs) and he has been out of another med for 3 days now that removes the build up of ammonia - that is out put by his liver not functioning. So ammonia is building up in his body.

For those of you checking in on Vahn's status, he is doing much better - more pix to come soon - his right foot is starting to peel and his left is almost completely call new skin. I still have to put the medicine and bandage on it but he walks around like it is fine now!

Stay tuned - more updates to come!


Mandy said...

What?! Obviously, I was not your flight attendant! Next time you'll have to fly with me! Glad you made it there okay though! Hope to see you soon. Love you all! Vahn's feet are looking great!

Vergori Family said...

Oh, Jolene,

We're praying for your dad, God bless him.