Sunday, July 20, 2008


Today was much better for Vahn (and me) - I was totally expecting him to be fussy and clingy again all day - but he actually gave into the crawling thing and was able to get around and play. His Right foot is much better - he is acting like it is fine - kicking it and standing up on it - the left one is much worse and he can't put any pressure on it. We go back to the dr again in the morning - I am curious if they will drain the blister or just let it pop on its own - it just seems so BIG and I wonder if it would be better with out all the pressure of the blister on it???

Here are a few pictures from last night - (they look about the same today)!


Here is also a short video of him playing at the park tonight -it isn't that great since I took it with my phone but you can see that he is feeling much better - playing and acting more like my crazy little man!

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