Monday, July 21, 2008

UPDATE from todays dr visit!

This afternoon we had a follow up at the dr's office. They were very concerned about the size of his blister - 2 other drs came in to see it -and I over heard staff in the halls asking if they had seen the burned feet.
Why can't we ever be famous for good reasons? ? ? ?

Once the dr we were seeing came in, she said that we needed to pop the blister. She said something about it being a _____ for infection. (I missed what she said) Thankfully, Vahn fell asleep waiting for her so he snored though the whole procedure. He did kick and squirm a few times but never woke up. She cut the big blister off and drained it (ewww). Underneath was another blister looking thing - it was this gelly like material though - she took that off as well and underneath that is all raw and gross looking - makes me want to throw up looking at it :(

- I just changed the bandages and put him down for the night - As horrible as it looks still - I have to admit that it looks much better than it did right after the procedure - I wish I would have taken a pix then.

Vahn has another follow up appt on Wed morning. They are also suppose to be calling me to set up a consult with a wound specialist - so thats the latest - Here is a picture of his left foot I took when I changed the bandages tonight - I want to trim it more but I don't have anything sterile to do it with. The dr even left to get sharper scissors when she was working on it???


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