Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Day 5 - update

This morning, I received a call that the Wound Care Specialist wanted to see Vahn at 9:40 am - that gave me about an hour to get everyone ready and out the door. Zac had stayed up all night working on pictures for a client and was going to stay home with Vahn while I took Gryphyn to the lake for some Mommy and Gryphyn time - he has been sort of left out since Vahn requires some extra attention right now. So, Gryph ended up staying home with Daddy (despite his mere 3 hours of sleep) and Vahn and I headed to the appt.
We had to wait forever - I was about to ask someone if we were ever going to be seen when they finally called us back (an hour and 15min after we arrived) The nurse and dr that we saw were so amazing though that the long wait was forgiven! - It was by far, the best dr experience I have ever had. I'm not a big dr fan anyway. The were very focused on us - talked and played with Vahn and answered all of my questions with out making us feel rushed.

While we were there, they trimmed a bit more off his large blister and cut open the one on his heal (which had gotten bigger since yesterday) They also said to try and keep the sulfide cream off of his toes. They were getting too wet and that could cause them to breakdown staying wet all the time. They also pointed out where the new skin was growing around the inside edges of the big blister and said that the one on his heal may get bigger or dissolve - they weren't quite sure. Vahn did so well with all the "messing" with his feet - the dr even commented that he was braver that most of the big people that they see! He goes back to see them on Friday. (Tomorrow is the follow up with dr at our family clinic.)

Later this afternoon, Zac was making plans to meet the family who he stayed up all night doing pictures for. They both happen to be employed by our local news channel 13 and when the topic of Vahn's feet came up they asked if we would come in and do a story for the news. They were already working on a story about the heat we have been experiencing lately. I was a bit hesitant, I still feel like a bad mom for letting this happen - but agreed to do the story. Joking they should put be behind one of those back curtains so you can't see my face :)
I had printed out the progression pictures for the drs and had those with me so they copied those as well and interviewed our family. We thanked them and headed to a local lake to let the men play - as we were getting ready to leave the lake, the camera man showed up (we had mentioned thats where we were headed when we left the station) He wanted to get some more video footage of the men to expand the story for the 10 o'clock news. Later when we got home and were changing Vahns bandages we took more photos and emailed those to the station as well. The video is suppose to be available on their website wlos.com. It is titled Dangerously Hot. So far we have been unable to get it to play though. I think it may be because they are running the story again this hour. I'm anxious to see how it turned out.

11pm update - Video added now along with a new one titled "Baby's feet burned" - that video wasn't up quite yet though

Here are the photos that we sent them:




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