Monday, January 11, 2010

MANism Monday

Vahn playing games on my iphone - I'm pretty sure he can use it better than I can!

MANism #01032010
When Vahn got out of the bath his fingers were all wrinkled and he looked at them and said "I have old fingers!"

MANism #01042010
Gryphyn- "Mom you better see this, its very awesome" (he was rolling a ball down slide on one of his toys)

MANism #01042010 -2
Zac was in the shower and Gryphyn banged on the door and yelled "Daddy be quiet , Papa is sleeping" (the bathroom door is right next door to Papas room)

MANism #01042010-3
Gryphyn "When I get big like you daddy, I'm going to like beer!"

MANism #01052010
Gryphyn to Vahn ....
"Aaack doesn't mean words - what are you trying to say Vahn?"

MANism #01052010-2
Gryphyn what do you want to be when you grow up?
"ummmm............. A Jedi Knight!"

G~ "why do we have to go to the gym all the time?"
M~ "because mommy wants to get in shape and not be so fat so that I have more energy and can play with you more"
G~ "I want you to be fat Mommy - cuz I just want to play with Daddy"

MANism #01082010-2
G~ "What do big cranes do?"
M~ "They move heavy things and help build tall things"
G~ "Maybe they are building a really big playground!"


MANism #01092010
Zac was crawling around on the floor playing with Vahn and Vahn wanted him to turn on the tv. Zac reached for the remote (on top of the shelf) and said "ohhh I can't reach it"
Vahn replied, "Stand on your feet Daddy"

We were talking to Gryphyn about how his name ended with the letter N and told Vahn that his name did too - after spelling Gryphyns name with him, we spelled out Vahn's name with him repeating each letter after us:
Me~" V " Vahn~ "V"
Me~"A" Vahn~"A"
Me~"H" Vahn~"H"
Me~"N" Vahn~"N - Gryphyn"


MANism #01092010-3
The whole family took a nap and when Vahn woke up he crawled into our bed with us. Thinking it was night time,and he couldn't get up, he was tossing and turning - I whispered to him "what's wrong?" and he loudly replied "WHAT" - he was super exited that he was able to get up and hopped down said "Me have an idea" and ran out the door when he came back in, he had a drum.
Going into his room to get it, had woke up Gryphyn who yelled "NO" when Vahn left the room again. Gryphyn is very anti nap and was quite upset that he had been asleep!

MANism #01092010-4
Vahn found $5 on the table, he held it up excited and said "a lucky ticket!"

MANism # 01102010
Gryphyn " Mommy I want to go see the Chick-munk movie"

Gryphyn was trying to explain to Zac that he had a "can" of orange juice and said "It was like a diet coke"



~Kaydee~ said...

I love these posts!! Your boys are the cutest!

Cari, Abe, and Paige said...

I look forward to these every week! LOve it! They are hilarious!

The Zinn family said...

I especially love the one about the gym, kids just don't hold back.

Stacey said...

Yep gotta love those little men! I love the hugs I get on sundays too!