Monday, January 25, 2010

MANism Monday

Vahn woke up and came down stairs. Then made a beeline for the box of chocolates on the counter and asked....
V~ "Me have one of these mommy?"
M~ "Ummm NO!"
V~ "Okay, Me have corn?"
M~ "For breakfast? ummm k Sure!"

Gryphyn ~ "Mom I don't like my chair, its crazy"

24jan blog photoshoot

We were driving to school and Gryphyn said...
G~"Mom I'm going to have a dog and name it Penny & a cat and name it ..... ummm TreeHonk!"
M~"Okay ... Treehonk huh?"
G~"Yep Treehonk Car!"
M~"What color is Treehonk going to be?"
G~"Black and White and Yellow .... and PURPLE"

The neighbors dog (Penny) was in the street when we were leaving and I told the men "I almost hit Penny she was in street"
G~ "He was in the street?"
M~"No, SHE was in the street. Penny is a girl so you say SHE"
V~ "Penny isn't a girl, Her's a DOG"

V~ "I want to throw things at Daddy when he gets home"
M~ Why? It's not nice to throw things at people"
V~ "Daddy's NOT people!"
M~ "He's not? What is he?"
V~ "Zac"

24jan blog

I told Gryphyn that I didn't really like dark chocolate and he said...
G~ "Mom you know what I'm going to get you for your birthday?"
M~ "Nope, What?"
G~ " A whole box of bright chocolate"
M~ " White chocolate?"
G~ " NO - BRIGHT chocolate, because you don't like dark."

The Men like to make shapes out of their food. They take a bite and then ask, "what does this look like?" This morning, Vahn was eating a blueberry waffle and he asked G what it looked like.....
V~ "What this look like?"
G~ "umm - light bulbs falling on your head"
V~ BITE "What this look like now?"
G~ "A blueberry tree"
V~ BITE "What this look like now?"
G~ "You"


It was really windy out side and Vahn's hat blew off. He said...
"It's winding my hat!"

We were driving in the car and Gryphyn said...
"Mommy when I get big I'm going to build a jet pack to fly way up in the sky where God lives"
M~ "Oh yeah, what are you going to do there?"
G~ "See what God does up there all day!"

Gryphyn ~ "Nana, I love you when you don't go to work"

I was giving Gryphyn a bath and he was complaining that my hands were cold
G~"Your cold hands are making the water cold!"



The McBride Family said...

I love these! They are so cute!! I love what kids say!

Cristine said...

Funny! Kids are hilarious!