Monday, January 18, 2010

MANism Monday

Gryphyn was mad a Vahn and his big threat if Vahn didn't leave him alone????
"I'm going to mess up your hair"

I was sorting laundry and Vahn saw his penguin jammies (he got them for Christmas & wants to wear them every night)
"These my penguin jammies? I miss them all night!"

Gryphyn started preschool today and when we dropped him off, the kids were just sitting down to snack. His teacher asked if he wanted to join them and Gryphyn said "No thanks - I don't need any energy!"

Gryphyn outside of his new school

G ~ Mommy I'm not very happy with you!
M ~ Why?
G ~ Cuz you made me carry my blanket in (from the car)
M ~ Thats ok, you can be mad at me.

G ~ "Mom why don't penguins have hands?"
M ~ "Because God didn't give them any when he made them"
G ~ "But they need them, cuz if they have kids and the kids have lots of toys how are they going to put them away?"

G ~ "Mom, Papa is making me SO Sad!"
M ~ " Why"
G ~ "Cuz he is watching a grown up show and "I" want to watch t.v.!"

G ~ "Mommy when I grow up I'm going to marry you!"

Vahn ~ "Me have an owie"
Nana ~ "I" "have an owie"
Vahn ~ "I have an owie , me okay!"

We had dinner at Golden Corral and there was a guy making things out of balloons - here is Vahn anticipating his turn! (he got a fishing pole with a fish on the end and G got a hat and then went back and asked for a green sword)

You guys are crazy - can I have some of your energy?
G ~ NO Mommy, You have to get your own!

I was reprimanding Gryphyn yet again and Vahn looks over at him and says... "Just say Yes Ma'am, Gryphyn!"

G~ "Daddy you can't eat things when they fall on the sidewalk because they have yucky, tiny germs on them - thats why I like sticks!"

G~ "Daddy you always get me the good stuff all the time. Thats why I love you all the time!"

Vahn was sick and had to stay home from church and he was trying to ask me if the reason he was throwing up was because he was little. It took quite awhile to figure out what he was saying. I got about one or two words per sentence - so I repeat back what I thought he says and he looks at me frustrated and says....
V~ Mommy you know what me talking about?
M~ No not really - sorry honey!

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Stacey said...

You didn't put the 2 he said to me yesterday!
Me- "gryphyn I really like your shirt it rocks"
G- "I will be selling them in your size"

and then when I told him to give you a hug from me, He looked at me all disgusted like I was too lazy to do it myself and said " 1, I will give her one for you and that's all." and he kept showing me 1 finger all the way out the door