Friday, January 22, 2010

Project 365 - Days 12 - 20

For those of you who follow my blog and who have been anxiously awaiting this weeks pictures, I promise I didn't forget this weeks post. Since I started school, my time on line is limited and our internet has been deciding NOT to work during the times that I am free to get on-line! Grrrrr!

Then, I took one of this weeks photos on Zac's camera and then couldn't find it in his stuff so, I had to wait him to send it to me. (not doing that again)

Okay, enough excuses, Here are this week's photos!

12 small
Jan 12th - Photo 12
Gryphyn and his new car creation

12b small
Photo 12b
(hey its my blog I can have more than 1 if I want) :)
Gryphyn asked me to take this of his new "future cars". It was going to be my photo of the day, but I loved the first one of him showing it to me so much, that I decided to add them both.

13 small
Jan 13th - Photo 13
Gryphyn outside of his new school.
He actually started on the 12th but so did I, so we didn't get "first day" pictures!
I love how he has a proud look on his face and yet he still has to hold his "baby" blanket! You think I will be able to get him to leave his blankie at home for his first day of high school?

14 small
Jan 14th - Photo 14
Vahn was so upset that he couldn't stay at school with Gryphyn
(he didn't come with us on the first day)
He must have cried for about 30min and kept asking for Gryphy to stay :(
I had to do some running around after we dropped off G & one stop was the bank - While we were there, they gave Vahn this piggy bank.
He LOVED it & wouldn't put it down the rest of the day.
Here is piggy playing at the park where we stopped just before picking up Gryphyn.

15 small
Jan 15th - Day 15
Vahn had just woke up from his nap and had CRAZY bed head.
I have to admit that I love it when they look like little boys (a crazy, dirty mess) Although, I would never take them out looking like that, it makes me smile and its an image of them that I want to keep forever!
I wish that I had got his whole face in this photo but he had literly, just got up from bed and was headed toward me for his few minutes of cuddle time and he wouldn't let me put him down and take another photo - but thats how life goes with kids - you gotta take what you get.

16 small
Jan 16th - Photo 16
We were going take the Men out to a park or something & take some photos today but Vahn took a long nap. By the time he woke up, the light was starting to fade, so we headed outside for a few minutes of soccer and a short bike ride. It was really cold and we were about to head in when the Men decided to take off down the street on their bikes (further than they are allowed to go). So Zac had to go after them.
I took this photo as they were headed back to the house. I love how the Men are rushing back and Zac looks upset about having to go after them.

17 small
Jan 17th - Photo 17
When did my baby get so BIG?
I went in to check on the Men before I went to bed and this angle of Gryphyn with one long leg stretched out made him look SO big in his bed.
He won't use any other blanket other than his "soft blue blankie" (I made it for him shortly after he was born) so I have to wait until he is asleep and then go in and cover him up with a bigger blanket.

18 small
Jan 18th - Day 18
It was Martin Luther King Day and Zac was off work - so we all went to the Dinosaur Museum. The Men loved playing at the Erosion table. What little boy wouldn't have a ball burying dinosaurs in the sand and then making the water rush over them!

19 small
Jan 19th - Day 19
Gryphyn taking a bath.
If I sit at the kitchen table downstairs, this is the view I have through the railing and into the bathroom.

20 small
Jan 20th - Day 20
Gryphyn swinging at the park.


Chub-Chub said...

My favorite is Gryphan standing outside his new school. His FACE is priceless and then I read the caption and noticed the blankie and cracked up. I love it! The one of Zac chasing them back to you is pretty great as well. It's truely "life thru mommy's eyes"!

Stacey said...

Ok mom, I have a tip for you... If they make a creation with legos it is called a MOC (My Own Creation) It is the technical term used by lego fanatics! I love your project 365
hugs, S