Monday, January 4, 2010

MANism Monday

Vahn watching movies on Daddy's phone- I guess all the good seats were already taken.

MANism #122909
Gryphyn doesn't really get the concept of telling jokes but that doesn't stop him from making up his own:
"Mom, what do trees bite with?" I don't know. What? "Spoons - Spoon mouths - HA HA HA"

MANism #122909-2
Vahn - I told him to take his toys upstairs to his room and he sat down on the stairs with a pouty face and said
"Me not happy with you Mom"

MANism #123009
Vahn - "I don't want to do dat" Well, would you like to have a spankin' or clean up?
"Would like to clean up"

MANism #123009-2
Vahn was poking holes in a piece of paper with a pen and stabbed his finger. I got him calmed down and put a band-aide on it. Gryphyn started grabbing the box and insisting that he needed one as well. I told him NO! and he said
"I'm going to stab myself - so I can have a band-aide"
GRRR - "You may NOT have a band-aide if you stab yourself on purpose!"

MANism #123009-3
Aunt Mimi went to the gym with us and when it was time to go, Gryphyn ran off to play with the trains by the front door Mimi went after him and on the way back, had a talk with him about not running off- when they came back to the kids area where I was helping Vahn put his shoes on, Gryphyn said
"Mom can I run off?"

MANism #123109
Gryphyn and Vahn were fighting and I made them apologize and give each other hugs. Gryphyn said
"I don't like Vahn's yucky kisses, they aren't my favorite!"

MANism #123109-2
Gryphyn "When both the hands are at the top (of the clock) we have to say Happy New Year & eat cookies!"

MANism #01022010
Driving home today we passed someone pulled over on the side of the road. Gryphyn asked "Mom what is a police ticket?" Not wanting to get into the whole explanation just then, I said "I don't know" to which he replied
" Yes you do - you got one!"

Gryphyn - we were at church just before they took offering and G said
"I don't want to give my money to God, I want to buy toys!"

Gryphyn - we were at lunch and G was laying down on the seat - we told him to sit up and he said
"I need to scratch my belly"

Gryphyn and the snowball that hit the camera!


The Zinn family said...

So cute!

Chub-Chub said...

We had to do the "hug until you love each other again" thing when we were growing up. Terrible things you parents do to these poor kids ;) I love the snowball action shot! Hope the camera survived!

Cari, Abe, and Paige said...

I love reading these! Did your camera live?

Jolene said...

The camera DID survive - in my quick thinking, I left the kids alone in the snow and ran in the house yelling for Zac :) - He is Mr Photo and I know he would know the best thing to do. He took the camera apart and laid it upside down on a towel to dry - by the next day it was fine.
I think it really helped that it was snow and most of it was able to be wiped off before it soaked into the camera.